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About Inept

So you’ve found me, that last step to the bottom was a doozey, eh?   Yeah, I often wander near the big guys, hoping some of the stench of failure is diluted.

What failure?  Wow, a bit slow, huh?  I’ll break my 1st year of 40K down into a timeline that explains it all.

Slowly peddling to a game near you...

It was the “Year of 13 Months”, it started slowly, gaining traction, then everything just spun off the rails.

To wit:

My year included my first visit to a tournament (thanks, Astronomcom!), but your first tournament happening in year 1 seems actually about right.  I also finished dead last (the results sheet says 39th), even though there is #40:  Mike Majors, former Canadian National Champ, GW play tester, and tournament founder.  Do I think that IG army would have been such fun loving goofballs, where it seemed as if every turn one of Mike’s plasma guns went “BOOM!”, his artillery all went South in Turn 1 then took 3 turns to repair.  The whole time Mike had fun (I hope so.  Maybe he was making me feel better?  Wouldn’t a few random organizer’s  choice points to drag me into 38th or so help?  Wouldn’t have mattered, would it?  I had played all of 3 complete games prior to Astro and played double that over the weekend.  I was there for fun, and I had a good time.  Even when shot all to hell by an evil Tau build I kept a stiff upper lip removing each unit  as it was felled by Xenos technology.

No, I ‘m here because, due  to dumb luck and geography, I found guys who really don’t care.  They like the game, but no one thinks they do this for anything beyond what it is:  a night out (from our wives, for the most part) that lets us get together, have a couple of laughs, and play a couple of games.  That’s it, nothing more.

And that’s more than fine with me.

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